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Country location

Hungary is situated in Central Europe, it shares borders with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Rumania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Climatic conditions

Continental climate of Hungary with mild winter and hot summer is conditioned by mountains, which close round the country.

Lay of land

Predominantly Hungary has plains. Its major part is situated on the Middle Danube Plain. Western part of the plain Danubtul is divided by numerous hills till 300 m high, eastern part of the plain Alfeld has a flat low relief. Norh-west of the country is possessed by lowland Kishalfeld, on the west turning into foothills of the Alps (500-800m high). North of Lake Balaton are stretching Middle Hungarian mountains with plateau-like summits 400—700 m high (Bakon). In the southern part of Dunatul raise faulted mountains Mechek till 681m high-mountain . On the north of Hungary lay spurs of Western Carpathian Mountains till 1000m high. They are divided by broad river-valleys and represent isolated volcanic massifs and limestone plateau: Matra, Bukk, Zempleny-Hedesheg. Here is also the highest point of Hungary —Kekesh mountain (1015m).


Generally the soil covering of plains is represented by black earth; in Alföld can be occurred saline lands; in mountains – brown soil and rendzina.

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