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Monte Tokaj Pincészet

Monte Tokaj Pincészet
Region: Tokaj
Founded: 2002
Specialization: White wines from region Tokaj


Winery "Monte Tokaj" brings out the wine on the international market! Winemaking farming «Monte Tokaj» was founded in 1998 on the basis of cellar nearby small town Abaujszanto, situated in the north-west of the Tokay subregion Tallya-Golop.

Origin history of this cellar goes back to the beginning of the XIII century, however its modern “wine history” is only on the path to recognition in the world market.

The inspirer and the owner of winery «Monte Tokaj» is Hungarian – Mr. Szilárd Miklos Kiss, who has been successfully enriching the reputation of Hungarian winemaking for more than 10 years. The company is one of the most dynamically developing winery in the region.

The mission of  “Monte Tokaj” company is wine production, that by right has become a new wine style of the region Tokaj-Hegyalja with blameless quality and great potential for all connoisseurs of Tokaj wines.


Today the total area of vineyards “Monte Tokaj” amounts to more than 80 ha, that by standarts of the Tokaj region is a very large-scale farm. They are situated on the hillsides of Kövágó in the basin of the Szerencs river at a height of 160 . above sea level. It is the third largest estate in basin madi-medence after French winery «Disznoko» and English-Hungarian farm «Royl-Tokaji Boraszat». Winegrowers raise regulated sorts of grapes: Furmint-65%, Hárslevelű-20%, Muskat Lunel-15% and gather it only by hand.


In the winery «Monte Tokaj» are used innovative technologies and modern equipment: fermentation vats with cooling temperature control system with a capacity of 2800 hl, stainless steel vats with a capacity of 8000hl, Italian bottling line has a potential to produce 1200 bottles per hour. «Monte Tokaj» is proud of its cellars, the total length of which is 1000m. There are located barriques of 2 kinds: traditional Hungarian casks Gönczy (136L) and Seredney (286L), the total number of which amounts to more than 2000 thous. The total volume of output is 2.5 mln. bottels per year.

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