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Bock Borászat

Bock Borászat
Region: Villany
Founded: 1992
Specialization: Aged red wines by region Villany

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«Bock Borászat Kft» — on of the most acknowledged wineries of the region Villány.

The company executive is its ideological inspirer and distinctive wine-maker Joseph Bock.
“Bock Pince Panzio Etterem” —  is a successful family enterprise with traditions, unique people and bright wines.

Йозеф Бок

Bock forefathers were ethnic German. Their wine-making experience and wine-growing has begun to build up since XVIII century. 1992 Joseph Bock founded a private family farming and panzio (guests house) in Villány, where annually are produced more than 500 bottles and also wine tourism of the region is being developed. every year Bock wines win medals on the international contests, get the best sommelier appreciations across the world.

Vineyards «Bock Pince Panzio Etterem» are situated on the best western and south-western mountainsides Sarshomlyo with total area of 50 ha. In the winery are generally produced red fine wines and blended wines. Here are made solid, velvety wines with amazing fruit aromas harmony and taste tannines. About 30% of wines are aged in oak casks. White wines amount to only 5% of the total volume. Bock farmstead with its modern winery and well-equped cellars remains a rich contemporary Hungarian khutor.

In German BOCK means «Goat». So the symbol of the winery is its head. From the earliest times goat was a personification of Yang. Bock produces powerful, rich, "brawny" wines, that are not to be drunk young. Minimal ageing period is 3 years, after that the wine becomes well-balanced and velvety.

It is noteworthy that 1997 Joseph Bock was recognized the best wine-maker of Hungary. In cellars “Bock Pince Panzio Etterem” concurrently are used 500 oak casks from Metsek and Semplen. Each barrique is used no more than 3 times.

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