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Zwack Unicum

Herbal Bitter-liqueur «Zwack Unicum» - is source of pride of Hungarians.

First time it was created in 1790 . by archiater Zwack under order of Austria-Hungary Emperor Joseph II. The secret of its wonderful nectar dynasty Zwack till now keeps behind seven seals. According to Russian classification "Zwack Unicum" belongs to dessert liqueurs. It is produced on unique recipe on the basis of 42 herbs and extracts, ethyl alcohol, flavoured with sugar and caramel. One part of herbs and spice composition is ingrained for a small time separately on alcohol and than is evaporated. The second part is aged longer – during 30 days. After all both parts are mixed and aged in oak casks over a period of 6 months.

Production is bottled in black spherical bottles (0,2; 05; 07; 1,0; 5,0 L). On the front sticker there is an image of golden cross of St. Ishtvan, symbolizing natural power and European traditions of four Worlds parts. The choice of bottle form isn’t random. According to Plato, a sphere never more truly reflects the sense of philosophical soul. Both look of Zwack Unicum and its contents by right are embodiment of the health elixir.

Thanks to its original taste, classical Bitter-liqueur "Zwack Unicum" is popular not only in Hungary, but also across the world as a perfect aperitif, irreplaceable component of cocktails recipes and as a traditional addition to tea and coffee.


Zwack Unicum

Manufacturer:  Zwack Unicum
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